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  SIR Franco  -  August, 2023

     There is something very special about Judy, who is "chihuahua magic".  We fell in love with our first boy, Sergio, in 2009.  He was perfect in every way. He was created and raised with love and meticulous care before he came to us. Heartbroken, we lost our beautiful boy, after a short illness. Occasionally, we looked at the website to see if Judy created any magic as she had with Sergio, and as fate would have it, a little boy captured our hearts…again. 


      We had kept in contact with Judy over the years so rekindling our friendship was effortless. She is the kind of person who has a moral compass that is found less and less these days. She is more than a "breeder of chihuahuas". Everything Judy does is with integrity and love.  Above all else, the little fur babies she raises are carefully placed in the lives they were meant to be in. 

We never thought life would be the same after Serio left us and it's not but Franco has brought the color back to it.  He is small yet mighty. He loves life. The most endearing thing about him and believe me there are many, is how he places his front paws gently on your face as he gives endless kisses as if to say thank you for everything. We said it 14 years ago and we will say it again, Judy and "Chihuahua Magic" is the only one for us. 


With love and gratitude,

Sharon, Nicole and Franco Ricci

Michael - CH Paisley-Valentino 23 Feb 20

Dear Judy,

    To say doing puppy business with you was a delight is an understatement! The cost of your pups are worth every cent! I have dealt with other breeders in the past & once I purchased  a dog, they were through with me. Not you! You always answer the phone when I call about a question concerning Michael unless you are busy; but you always return the call before the end of the day. I know you will be just as cordial in the future. You were so friendly & welcoming to me during my visits. Your house is clean & well organized to fit the needs of the pups. I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a Chihuahua!!! You love your pups, know everything there is to know about Chihuahuas & make sure they go to a home where they will be loved & provided for. The laminated papers you gave me with Michael's birthdate, weigh & other info will last a lifetime. Thank you for the going away present ... food, blanket & toys. Michael is the sweetest, cutest pup ever! He is my bed buddy & my constant companion. I love him so much!! I take him everywhere with me. He brings me so much joy!  Michael & I plan to visit you & your sweet Mama when Michael is a bit older.


       Love,  Becky & Michael.

        Posted:  22 May 2021


               (Red with White Markings) 


     Lives in Montgomery, Alabama w/Becky      


(Black & Tan with White Markings)

Sergio has lived in Boston, MA

​Since  May  2009

  It is with a broken heart that I tell you that I will no longer be able    to kiss and hug my human pet, I have now moved to Heaven to wait   for them to arrive.  Love always      Sergio            April 2021


“NEEEEEEE-OOOOO-WWWWWWWWWW”, was the sound of the airplane taking off with Judy on the telephone saying:  “that’s your baby taking off, he’s on his way.”  That day changed our lives for the better.  His temporary name was “Nighthawk” but as soon as we told Judy what his legal name would be, she immediately began calling him Sergio (little sergeant in Italian).  From the care package Judy sent us all with all of  Sergio’s favorite things in it, including a blue baby blanket, food, vitamin paste, and chewies, we knew where he was coming from he was very loved and well taken care of.  Weighing 1.9 lbs, we had never fallen in love so quickly in our lives.  He is perfect in every way.  His temperament is loving, loyal, playful, and very cautious.  Sergio lives for chewy bones…not for little dogs either, big dog bones that he proudly parades around the house. 


He lives with a 25 lb. Maine coon Cat, who he loves, and 3 new chickens, which are bigger than he is!  He loves to go for rides, visit stores and be around family and his furry canine cousins.  He is a strong 4lb. boy with the best personality and credit has to go to the woman who chose us to have him in our lives.  We can’t imagine life without him.  If we ever decide to get another dog, without question it would be from Judy at Chihuahua Magic.


Thank you-   Sharon, Nicole and Sergio

Posted May 2012

This brave little girl is Gracie. This is a picture of her on her trip to her new human pets home, she is trying to comfort their Grandfather. She is having a VERY serious conversation with him about how confident she is in this relationship! She is reassuring him that although she is very young and may not have a lot of practical experience....this was what she was born to do!!  She understands this will be a 24/7 job, but she has generations of older aunts and uncles she can call on for advice. 


Good afternoon Judy,
Just wanted to stop by and give you an update on little Mrs Gracie ... She is doing AWESOME. We love her so much. She fits into our family just perfect. I just took some pictures I will upload them in a little while and send them to you :-D


Friday, February 18, 2011


(Chocolate & Tan with Sable)

Gracie lives in Tennessee with Angelique

ROCKY  _3mo  1310.webp


(Fawn with White Markings)

Rocky lives in Georgia with Joyce

Hi, Judy,      

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit with you and the dogs over the week end. You were so gracious, and all of the dogs were so lovely. We were really impressed with how you have everything set up with the different age puppies and everything.


I really wanted to tell you how happy I am with Rocky! He is absolutely perfect. He has not had one uncomfortable moment since he has been with us. He was so good on the trip home. He never cried or barked. He sleeps in his crate at night. He went on the paper (and still does ) every time. He is eating and drinking with no hesitation, and the first time he barked was when a stranger approached me when we were outside yesterday. I know why they call them Velcro dogs, he is with me every moment. He loves his little blanket you sent with him, and digs and gets under it all the time. He is obviously socialized so well, and is just so comfortable with everything and every situation. He went on his first doctor visit Tuesday, and the doctor said he is in perfect health. Of course I knew that already. I can not tell you how happy  and how much I love him, and I can not thank you enough for being such a good breeder and giving me such a wonderful little package of love. He and Pebbles get along great, when they are both in my lap I get licked to death. He is laying at my feet on his blanket, playing with his little toy you gave him right now, and Pebbles is laying by him chewing on her bone. I will send a picture later. again, Thanks so much!

Take care,



Thursday, August 5, 2010        

Hi Judy,

I'm writing this because I want everyone to know what a great dog breeder you are (if you even call yourself that, your more like a dog surrogate mommy) I can't thank you enough for such a great angel. Georgia is my little love bug, I got her in December of 2007.


I remember wanting a tea cup Chihuahua so I of course go to the mall & saw one & it was $2,200 & my boyfriend said "that's crazy". I didn't know anything about the puppies background except it came from Kansas and they told us it was trucked in not flown in.

My boyfriend said look on the Internet, I was kind of skeptical buying a puppy off the Internet my thoughts were, I'm I going to pay for a puppy & never receive it. I decided to try it so there she was, an adorable puppy with the name of Beauty & yes she was & is a beauty, so I thought I will contact this breeder and to my surprise it was the best experience ever.

Judy you are not just a breeder you care about these puppies (not like people who could careless who are all about the money and could careless about the puppy's future). From the second I purchased her your contact with me was incredible from the time she left your house to board a plane and to get to sunny California from Alabama you were in contact with me the whole time.

I remember you calling me @ 10:00 pm my time 1:00 am your time to tell me the 2nd leg of her flight was delayed.

I'm so grateful that I got her from our aunt Judy. She is like my security blanket its hard to be without her. She is such a love and she is also tuff. I see that she has my personality. She can definitely hold her own.


Georgia lives in sunny southern California in a 5 bedroom/3 bath house with 2 other dogs a Chihuahua (Fiona) & a Shepard mix (Sasha) they are all best friends. We call them sisters & our girls. They love to run around the back yard which is an acre and Georgia runs like a cheetah. She try's to beat all the dogs around the property (she is the cutest).

What's even cuter is that Georgia has two big black spots on her lower back which are actually 2 hearts. We call Georgia a couple little names, Peanut, love bug, and we always say what a little pistol she is. I can't imagine my life without her, she gives us so much joy and happiness to our lives and she has such a great personality. Georgia has her own blanket on the couch, which we call Lamb-me cause its like lambs wool, that she loves to burrow in it. When it's time to go to bed at night we tell her it's night night she runs in the bedroom and climbs up on her stairs to get into the bed and she burrows right next to me.

You are someone who cares and I can't praise you enough. I remember the cute little dress & the blankie you sent with her when we took her out of her carrier. She still uses her blankie & the care package you sent her with all the goodies.

I know that Chihuahua's can be yappy, nervous & even bite, my belief is it all depends (like a child) how it is brought  up as a baby and through its life. I know my baby got love & attention from the time she was born you can tell by her love and disposition. I named my baby Georgia Mae even though she came from Alabama. If anyone wants a Chihuahua you are the best and I will make a promise to anyone that it will be the best experience and such a rewarding one.

Judy if you ever make it to Southern California our home is open to you. I know we have never met but you are a family member, you are Georgia's auntie. Georgia is our precious baby she brings so much joy and laughter in our lives.

Best Regard always

Rachel & Georgia


P.S. Don't ever hesitate to use me as a referral. Once someone deals with you they will realize how fortunate they were to have you as their baby's first mommy after their really mommy. Judy I cant thank you enough for such a wonderful baby.


December  2007


Georgia Mae did live in California with Rachel, but the Angels in Heaven thought she was so special and beautiful they asked her to come and live with them.

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