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All my puppies are born and raised in my home, so parts of my home double as my birthing, nursery and play-area. I have posted pictures of these areas so you can see how my younger puppies and adults live and are raised.


  Moms are placed in the birthing area 7 to 10 days  

  prior to delivery so they will be comfortable in the

  birthing area.

               Babies in Playpen.


       Mother and babies remain in the play-pens

       until they are between 5 and 6 weeks of age.

       Older  puppy  play  area


  Individual pens are made from metal shelving, like you use in your closets. I use the pre-cut 4 foot long by 12

  inches high, I use cable zip ties to connect the corners. Puppies are usually placed in the play area at abut 8

  weeks of age. Moms are allowed to "visit" with them as often as she chooses, she usually has them completely

  weaned by 10 to 11 weeks of age. Once the babies are better at finding and hitting the PP pads, they are

  allowed into the larger play area. They are well on their way to being pottie pad trained by the time they go to

  their new homes.          


  I have nearly and acre of land, about half of it is fenced to allow the adults plenty of room to run

  and play.  I have a small fenced in area at the back of the house, and a much larger fenced area

  that is to the side of the house. There is plenty of shade and the garage has been converted for

  the adults private rest and sleep area, with heat and air. My kennel may never be considered

  state of the art, but it is safe and clean. I am able to provide an unlimited supply of love and



   At one time I had a garage...but the dogs decided they needed a much larger area to relax in, so I converted

  my garage into a relaxing, air-conditioning and heated area for the adults, they are well pleased with the

  upgrades. I DO NOT use wire cages for anything, the beds are all open access plastic tubs and the carriers that

  are provided for their comfort never have a door attached  (the old girls prefer the den atmosphere of a carrier).

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