LITTER   ARRIVED   10 OCT.  2020




            Male                    Female                     SOLD                     SOLD  

              PEE WEE HOLMAN                            NAME  PENDING






     The above picture was taken @ 1 week of age

   Black w/white markings.  Tan will be   

         more noticeable as he grows.  

    Weigh @ 2 week of age:  1lb  1/4 oz

      The above picture has taken @ 1 week of age                     Black w/white markings.  

  Weigh @ 2 week of age:  1lb  1 & 1/8 oz

      Precious pups at birth

   Practicing their synchronized dance moves after 

     a really hard first week of life, have to keep the 

      leg and arm muscles limber for the Cha-Cha.

            FEMALE            MALE

  The little white female was just too tiny and weak 

 to survive, she passed in my arms shortly after birth.