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   NOT FOR SALE  - -  These are my Champion and breeding females

     Pictures are best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.  For some reason

           the pictures, even when set for mobile devices, do not show properly.

 Nanett's  Daughter 

F - 3 May 2019 Nanett-P.B. 02.JPG
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 Black & Tan with White Markings

 Date of Birth: February 20, 2019


     Grand Champion Sired    

Pixie Dust _ 6mo (Nov 24. 2023 litter) #1.JPG
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           Fawn brindled black with white markings         

                Date of Birth: November 24, 2023


                   Ariel's daughter   &   Sage's mother

Priscilla 1.jfif
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 Black Sabled Fawn W/Wht Mkgs

Date of Birth: November 25, 2018


  (Grand Champion Sired & Champion Damed)

           Pricilla's daughter  &  Ariel's Grand-daughter

Sage 19 Dec 2021 +4mo68.JPG
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                   Red Fawn

     Date of Birth: August 9, 2021

Divider Line  bows.gif

    R   E   T   I   R   E   D 


                           Pricilla's mother

                 Ariel still lives at home with me.

Ariel 2a April 22-2023.JPG

          (She produced my blues and chocolates)
                 Daisy still lives at home with me. 

                    BELLA     (Daisy's Daughter)

                   (Grand Champion Sired by TUX)

                        Bella now lives near me

                       with her new pet human.

Bella Jan 7 2021 52.JPG

                CHAMPION   PAISLEY     

                      Paisley now lives near me

                      with her new pet human.

Paisley 15 Dec 2021(2).JPG

 GOLDIE   (Champion Sired)   

           Goldie will soon be moving to live

                with a dear friend of mine.

     This is my summer haircut, 

Goldie 59.JPG

    (Grand Champion Sired by TUX)    

                     Nanett now lives near me

                     with a dear friend of mine.

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